Goh Chee Kiong is the CEO of Charge+, a leading electric vehicle charging solution provider for Singapore and the region. Charge+ is rapidly scaling the EV charging infrastructure nationwide, in support of its corporate target of 10,000 charging points in Singapore by 2030.

For the three years prior to joining Charge+ in 2020, Chee Kiong served as the CEO for New Energies in SP Group, responsible for developing energy solutions businesses spanning renewables, energy storage, microgrids, energy efficiency and electric mobility.

Chee Kiong’s first career was with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) where he served for two decades and led the development of the cleantech, urban solutions and infrastructure sectors in Singapore. His last role in EDB was Executive Director.

Chee Kiong has been a longstanding advocate in the cleantech and sustainability sectors and is a regular contributor in conferences and the media.