Gin Keat ONG (GK) with over 30 years’ experience in regional projects provides consultancy services in sustainability solutions, waste and resources management.

GK registered Singapore’s first UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism project and sale of carbon credits under an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement. He has built and operated industrial plants including an industrial scale organic aerobic thermophilic composting facility and 1 Megawatt biomass Cogeneration Plant.

His business and technical experiences include the conversion of industrial solid waste to value added resources, conversion of biomass waste into energy, municipal waste management, pneumatic conveyance systems, wind/solar hybrid applications, desalination systems, land reclamation, heat transfer equipment and glass flake coatings.

His present work with an Australian bioenergy tech company, Uniflow Power is in a ground breaking mini power station that converts low value biomass materials into useful energy.

GK is also Chairman of a Singapore NGO and registered charity, Zero Waste Singapore.